Registrations:                                                                                                             Color:  Gg/EE/Aa

ANCCE                                                                                                                          Height: 16.2 hh



(Panadero XVI x Voluntaria XI)


Franqueada is imported from Spain from the famous Nobleza del Guadiana farm.  Her paternal grandparents, Hermoso IX and Fanadera VII have both produced mulitple Qualified/Calificado offspring.  Franqueada has MOVEMENT breeding royalty and includes Albero II, who is legendary for his powerful movment.  Albero II was also the Functionality Champion of Spain and it is said that the majority of functionality and dressage champions come from the Albero II bloodlines.  It is no surprise that Franqueada was a Gold Medal Movement Champion!  She continues this high standard for movement in her offspring who have also won numerous Gold Medal Movment Championships.  She stands 16.2 hh and although more sporthorse in type, she has some of the best Spanish movement I have ever seen on any horse!  Her trot is BIG!  Lots of knee and extension.  She has a big rolling trot you just don't see in the breed anymore.


Franqueada is in foal to Kamikai, our Gold Medal Movement Champion, imagine what quality will come from these two movers!  Her baby is due in March.                                                                   






Expecting a foal in March 2016 by our Gold Medal Movement Champion, Kamikai




6/28/2012, birth of Atticus EAS, Grey PRE Andalusian Colt.





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