~ Dominica EAS ~

Ilustrado Pro x Dominanta L


This year was full of surprises.  We sold Ilustrado and this was our very last Ilustrado baby.  He saved the best for last!  Dominica was the largest baby we have ever had on our property and she came out chestnut!  Dominanta has never given me color and I never imagined we would get chestnut out of her but WOW!  Dominica hits everything on my want list.  She has size, substance, MOVEMENT and color!  When the Spanish vet was here for revision she was surprised at how correct and true to type she was.  We have decided to retain her for our future breeding/dressage program.





Registrations:                                                                                                              Color:  Chestnut

ANCCE                                                                                                                                Height: Big



Look for me at Pin Oak Charity Horse Show in March, 2016.




By appointment


8am - 5:00pm



562 HCR 1425

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