Look for me at Pin Oak Charity Horse Show in March, 2016.

 ~ Diamante EAS ~

Festivo MR x Ermitaña DA


Diamante is a dream come true!  We have been looking for a bay PRE stallion for years now and we were finally able to breed our own.  He is an exact copy of his dam, Ermitaña DA, who is most definitely the most stunning mare I have ever seen.  I was impressed with her breeding and starred at her photo for about a year before she got to my place.  Wow!  It was worth the wait.  She is so beautiful in person.  There is just something so special about her, she is big, beautiful and sweet as can be.  I thought about who I wanted to breed her to and didn't have to mull that over too long because I had always wanted a Festivo MR baby, either a colt or a filly!  We were so blessed to have this super colt created by this winning combination!  He was born very big, with huge bone and just tons of personality.  At 7 months he is 14 hh at the wither and 14.2 at the rear!  He is the most mellow baby we have ever had.  You can do anything with him and he just goes along with it.  Will follow you anywhere with no hesitation.  You can see him playing in the pasture with the fillies and he is just huge in comparison.  We are so impressed with this big boy, affectionally known as "Mac", that we are keeping him for our future breeding/dressage horse.



Registrations:                                                                                                                       Color:  Bay

ANCCE                                                                                                                                Height: Big

Diamante EAS
Diamante EAS with Ermitaña DA
Diamante EAS with Ermitaña DA




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