~ Spirit - In Loving Memory ~

Pizarro PM x Opalina ADF


Our daughter, Tina had wanted a buckskin colt since she first saw the movie Spirit - Stallion of the Cimarron when she was just a little itty bitty.  We bred our bay Gaucho III mare to the perlino stallion, Pizzaro PM hoping we would get what she had always dreamed of having.  It was a last minute decision made in July, meaning Opalina would foal out in June, which in Texas can be very hot.  The mare took on the first attempt and we waited with great anticipation.  Tina drew pictures and dreamed about her new baby for 11 months.  Opalina delivered her buckskin colt 9 days early and on the ottest day of the year!  I just happened to look out in the pasture before leaving to pick up feed and noticed we had one too many babies!  Panicked I ran into the house to get my husband and Tina.  The new baby was everything Tina had wanted...a beautiful buckskin colt!  He was able to get up on his own and walk but was weak and had to be carried to the barn.  Once in the barn, we noticed mom had retained her placenta so she was given some oxytocin which didn't seem to help.  We took her into the vet and we had Spirit gastric tube fed while we were there because he had not nursed yet.  By the time we got him back home from the vet we could see he was not doing better.  We tried to get him to nurse but he was not getting it so we took him up to Reata Equine Hospital where he stayed for a week.  We brought him home and cared for him every hour on the hour by misting him off, medicating him, etc., he lived for six weeks.  In that time we grew attached to him, he was so beautiful but had so many issues.  His coordination was really bad in both his front and back legs.  He had no self preservation and could run and run until he would just collapse so he was stalled for the majority of his life.  The vets all thought he just needed time and we gave him that hoping that he would improve but he never did.  He was having seizures when at rest and if you were not managing him hourly he would forget how to nurse and would crash.  We finally took him back to the vet to have him xrayed.  Hoping for a spinal cord injury, and praying for some kind of abnormality but all his bloodwork and xrays were normal.  His reactions to sedation was scary, he did not behave like a "normal" horse under sedation.  We talked about taking him to A&M for a CT Scan and were told he would probably not tolerate the anesthesia and that would only diagnose his problem but wouldn't provide a solution.  There was no other treatment for what Spirit suffered from.  He was diagnosed with irreversible brain damage due to lack of oxygen during delivery and our only option was euthansia.  We made the very difficult decision to put Tina's dream horse down.  Our farm is just not the same without our sweet buckskin colt.  We miss him terribly. 

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