~ Corona de Perlas ~

Grano de Oro JP x Colmena II


This year was full of surprises some happy and some sad.  We found a golden buckskin PRE mare to ad to our herd.  We were told she had been bred to a CHESTNUT stallion and we were really shocked to see this blue eyed beauty the day she was born.  Turns out her sire is a rare CHESTNUT PEARL stallion!  We sent off hair to UC Davis to confirm that she is a RARE BUCKSKIN PEARL PRE.  We couldn't be happier, she is incredibly sweet and friendly!  Because we lost our daughter's colt, Spirit, we decided to give her this filly to ease her heartache.  She and the filly have become fast friends and seem to be very alike in many ways.  We are very pleased with this incredible sweet filly. 





Registrations:                                                                                                       Color:  Buckskin Pearl

ANCCE                                                                                                                                Height: 


Corona de Perlas
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