~ Fargo EAS ~

(Kamikai x Amapola LXXXVIII)

Sired by our GOLD MEDAL MOVEMENT CHAMPION, KAMIKAI. He is sired by Kamiakin (Kianto x Rafaga Jim, imported from Hacienda Santa Lucia and a granddaughter of the legendary movement and functionality champion Albero II) , who represented the United States at the 2014 Altec World Equestrian Games in Normandy, France. Kamikai's dam, Gabacha AK (Competidor XIII x Teresa II, Competidor's sire, Tamarindo IV and Dam, Aguadora VII have each produced QUALIFIED offspring.... (read more) Teresa II is sired by Temerario V, 2x U.S. National Champion) Gabacha is, herself, a gold medal movement champion. Out of Amapola LXXXVIII, imported from Spain and by the Multi-SICAB Champion/Qualified stallion, Libertado IV and out of Libertada II. Both parents produced several QUALIFIED offspring. Libertado IV is sired by Bienvenido III, who is also qualified and produced several QUALIFIED offspring. Their genetic indexes for dressage were all very high! Amapola is very traditional in type and movement and is a super athletic mare! She produces exceptional babies with incredible movement. 





Registrations:                                                                                                              Color:  Chestnut

ANCCE                                                                                                                                Height: 

Fargo EAS - 2016 Confirmed Chestnut PRE Andalusian Colt For Sale
Another gorgeous shot by Cheri Prill




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